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Whether it’s a wedding, business event, or birthday party, a photobooth provides an engaging and interactive way for guests to create lasting memories. With instant photo prints, fun props, and customizable layouts, each moment is captured perfectly. The LED ring light, elegantly housed in natural wood, guarantees beautiful lighting in any situation. Capture every smile and let your guests take home a piece of the celebration!


Included Prints




Our high-speed thermal photo printer is equipped with a new roll of paper before each event. You can print 400 single photos (10x15cm) or 800 3-piece photo strips (5x15cm) without having to change paper or color. Experience has shown that this quota is sufficient for any party or event, no matter how long.

The photobooth can generally be operated outdoors, but it is not waterproof! Therefore, it would be best if it is located in a covered, protected area (canopy, tent, arcade courtyard, etc.). The photobooth must also be protected from theft overnight if it is collected the next day.

The photobooth requires a free area of approx. 1.5m² and so that several guests can fit together in one photo and pose undisturbed, you should plan a distance of approx. 2-3m from the photo box. This results in a total space requirement of approximately 2×3 meters.

Of course! The design and layout of the photo strips can be adapted to your event on request. Whether it’s a wedding, business event or birthday – we are happy to design the photo strips according to your wishes or your corporate identity.

You will receive a download link with all the photos from the photo box 2 days after your event. You are of course welcome to share this link with all your relatives, friends or colleagues.

If your event location is within a 25km radius of our location in Wiener Neustadt, no additional travel costs will be charged. Beyond that, we charge €0.50 per kilometer. We can give you detailed information about the travel costs if you let us know your location.

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